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Unpakt had made some headway in improving the moving process by allowing users to get moving quotes online without having to call movers or have them do an onsite inspection. However, the process of creating an inventory on the Unpakt website was confusing, inaccurate, and awkwardly desktop bound.


Conducted over more than a year, this project involved partnering with a product manager, UI designer, content strategist, and a small engineering team located in New York to conduct several research studies, formulate and refine designs, prototype, build, and deliver a native iOS companion app and updated online inventory editor tool.


Launch of improved inventory editor tool with updated interaction model and inventory taxonomy and companion iPhone application with a 4 star Apple App Store rating (as of March 2014).

'Very easy to use! Excellent tool to edit the amount of stuff I'm moving!' - Apple App Store review.

Dummy NYC apartment used to usability test, find and prioritize pain points with, and assess the effectiveness of the existing inventory editor tool and inventory taxonomy.
Card sorting exercise used to inform new, user-centered inventory taxonomy.
Wireframe used to explore new inventory editor interactions and assess scroll depth for revised inventory categories.
Wireframe used to explore interactions for the Unpakt companion app.
Updated desktop inventory editor UI: Allowing users to categorize their inventory by customizable rooms, improving accuracy during the inventory review and verification process.
Unpakt companion app UI: Allowing users to edit their inventory and move details while moving around their house, without being tethered to their laptop or desktop computer.